Live Streaming and Broadcast

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Live Streaming and Broadcast

Aerios Solutions is the only UK Company with a permission to legally operate a SUAS anywhere in the UK – in cities,  within 10 meters the general public (including overflight), within 50 meters of large crowds, over stadiums and congested areas.

We use broadcast quality cameras and bookable frequency downlinks to ensure interference-free, clear, sharp pictures, balanced to the broadcast colour space. We can output content in 50iHD rec.709 or high framerate, low latency 4k.

Our systems allow a broadcast engineer the freedom to alter camera settings, such as iris and gain, from the comfort of the broadcast truck or suite, whilst our focus pullers take care of focus and zoom.

Our team has the capability to steam and broadcast live, from anywhere in the UK, with our own infrastructure. This streaming is not restricted to areas linked to the internet or wireless networks – we can stream from anywhere, however remote. This brings the ability to cost-effectively stream live events from remote locations at a fraction of the cost of traditional broadcasting.  We can provide this for ground-based cameras and cameras mounted on our aerial platforms, in all weathers.

With the legal permission to operate where no other company can, expert camera operators, the smoothest SAUS and gimbal system, professional cameras and live broadcast infrastructure, we offer a unique opportunity for media and sports directors. We do all this efficiently, cost effectively and professionally.

what to expect

  • Broadcast quality cameras
  • Bookable frequency camera feeds
  • Broadcast team camera control systems
  • 4K low latency live streaming

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