Aerial Infrared Imaging

finding what we cant see

Aerial Infrared Imaging

Aerios Solutions has a CAA permission to legally operate an UAS almost anywhere in the UK – in cities,  close to the general public (including overflight), close to large crowds, over stadiums and congested areas.

This permission allows us to get close enough to buildings and structures, even within a town or city, to accurately access the heat signatures of objects and people, without the need for expensive, traditional access methods.

Our Workswell thermal instrument/camera has a certified accuracy of 2degC on every pixel on every one of its high definition pictures. This data can be seamlessly superimposed on a visual spectrum image, allowing easy visualization and interpretation of recorded data.

Our mapping UAS has a millimetre accurate RTK unit and is able to attach this accurate position information to the thermal and visual images. Further, the UAS can be programmed to follow a pre-defined path automatously, taking thermal images and video at set points along the way. This can significantly speed up the time taken to thermally map an area, saving time and increasing efficiency.

We work closely with iRed, the UKs leading thermographic company, to provide detailed, accurate, thermal models and data sets by leading, certified thermographers.

what to expect

  • Highly accurate, certified IR imaging instruments

  • Qualified thermographers

  • RTK unit providing extremely accurate geo-referencing

  • Overlay of IR and visual spectrum images