Aerial Filming

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Aerial Filming

Aerios Solutions is the only UK Company with a permission to legally operate a SUAS anywhere in the UK – in cities,  within 10 meters the general public (including overflight), within 50 meters of large crowds, over stadiums and congested areas.

The ability to put an aerial camera within a city, within 10 meters of the general public, allows directors and producers the flexibility to position a camera where they need, with all the creative potential this brings.

We can carry professional cameras such as RED and ARRI and use a team of expert, qualified, grips operators, focus pullers, award winning camera men and pilots to operate such equipment, guaranteeing optimal results and minimal takes.

Our team understands the creative vision of directors is paramount in obtaining the organic feeling of a shot or recording. We have worked with BAFTA and EMMY award winning directors and are able to bring this level of experience and expertise to your workflow.

Our SUAS was designed specifically for the film industry and provides the most stable platform for perfectly smooth, stable footage. To complement this, our systems are able to operate in rain, wind and icing conditions, giving the director more latitude and artistic opportunity.

Aerios Solutions brings the most stable, professional, all-weather equipment to places no other company can, allowing directors to explore fully the creative potential of our systems.

what to expect

  • State of the art aerial camera platform technologies
  • Expert, EMMY and BAFTA award winning Directors and cameramen

  • Able to operate in all weathers

  • Able to operate where no other company can

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