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From local aerial photos to a full media campaign with ground and aerial film creation, music licensing and animated graphics – each project is unique, with variable factors. With this in mind, a quote will be created for you in advance, based on information you provide and taking into consideration the time of year, location, weather, external shooting conditions, associated risk and any additional CAA requirements.

  • Submit a full creative brief and project objective
  • Location postcode(s) where filming or photography is to take place, or type of
    locations ie urban or rural
  • Proposed date to determine availability
  • Subject eg people, animals, sports event, cars, property, power lines, wind turbines, solar farms, farming lands and crops

Once agreed, we can then start planning the pre-flight survey for you.

The variable weather in the UK, and the nature of filming requires Aerios Solutions to be flexible, and often projects are booked at short notice. However, sufficient time must always be available for pre-flight planning and checks to ensure that the project can be undertaken safely, adhering to the rules & regulations of aerial filming and our operating licence.

Aerios Solutions prioritise confirmed bookings. We will provisionally book potential project dates, but no project is confirmed or will go ahead until the deposit has been received.


Copyright and usage

Unless a buyout of the footage is specifically agreed and contracted, Aerios Solutions retains the copyright of all filming content. The client purchasing the service of Aerios Solutions will get full use of the material, however will not be able to sell the footage or allow 3rd party companies to use it without the agreement of Aerios solutions.

Aerios Solutions actively promotes itself and reserves the right to use ANY of the footage for internal promotion, whether this be inclusion on our show reel for PR purposes to promote Aerios solutions. Also, we reserve the right to supply the footage to stock libraries at a later date.

If you have any questions or issues with any of the above we would ask you to kindly speak to us in advance of commencement of filming. Thank you.


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We’re always happy to help answer any queries you may have. And to help by giving budget costs, please feel free to contact us either by phone or email or fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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