Aerios Solutions Ltd. uses cutting-edge, state of the art equipment operated by qualified, highly skilled experts. These include cameras, instruments, unmanned aerial platforms and computer systems. We primarily use heavy-lift Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS – commercial drones) for film and data gathering. These specialist UAS allow us to carry equipment which would normally require the use of a helicopter or manned aircraft. For a given set of results, the cost savings available using our equipment and systems can be significant.

Cameras and Instruments

Aerios Solutions uses camera systems from Sony, RED and WIRIS, although we are able to use cameras from most other manufacturers. Sony and RED cameras are used extensively in the film industry and are used on many major film sets, as well as productions designed for television and commercials. The WIRIS camera is an extremely accurate, calibrated thermal instrument, able to measure temperature to a certified accuracy of 2 deg C on every pixel, on every high resolution image, taken at 30 frames per second. Such thermal accuracy has extensive use in agriculture, water distribution, thermal insulation, surveillance, wind turbine generator efficiency, electric cable breakdown etc.

UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) or Drones

Aerios Solutions operates one of the most advanced commercial UAS available. It is a bespoke system design for Aerios Solutions by AceCore Technologies in the Netherlands. Working alongside our Team, and with input from our cameramen, systems engineer and pilots, AceCore has produced an advanced, reliable, fully redundant system able to operate in all weathers. The UAS has two bespoke systems on board, one designed to deliver the smoothest filming footage and the other to provide millimetre accurate georeferenced mapping and photogrammetry.

In addition to our most advanced UAS, we use commercial UAS from DJI for speed and convenience during pre-shoot preparation and test shots.

Gimbal Systems

Aerios Solutions has invested in the best available camera gimbal systems. These gimbals allow precise, smooth control of the camera with angle tolerances within 0.05 of one degree. Such precision allows incredibly smooth film footage and extremely accurate mapping possibilities. Our systems are able to stream live footage from the aerial platform to a base station monitor, allowing Directors and clients to see in real time the footage being taken.