Is Aerios Solutions licensed & qualified to operate commercially?

Yes. Aerios Solutions has extended ‘permissions for aerial work’ granted by the CAA. All Aerios Solutions pilots are qualified with the CAA qualification for flying unmanned aerial vehicles.

Is Aerios Solutions fully insured?

Yes. Aerios Solutions Ltd is fully insured within the operating guidelines and rules laid out by the CAA. We hold Public Indemnity  and Liability insurance to the value of £10 million and proof of insurance is available to all clients on request.

In what weather conditions are Aerios Solutions able to fly?

Aerios Solutions can operate in most weather conditions, including rain, snow and icing conditions. Our systems have been used in the desert in Dubai and the freezing conditions found in Iceland during the winter. We can maintain steady flight in strong winds of up to 40 knots.
There are limitations with respect to the turbulence and gusting conditions near to trees or other objects.

Can you fly indoors?

Yes. However, there are restrictions on the amount of space required for flight as a result of the size of the UAS and various indoor wind turbulence factors (ventilation systems, the wash/ground effect created by the drone itself).

How many people are required to operate the equipment?

Aerios Solutions rigs require two operators:

  • A qualified UAV pilot to fly the drone
  • Camera operator to operate the filming equipment

How long can you fly for?

Aerios Solutions aerial systems can fly for up to around 15-20 minutes per flight (limited by the battery life) – unlimited by consecutive flights.
Aerios Solutions also have the ability of being powered by a cable supply, where the flying time will only be limited by the power supply available on the ground.

Will Aerios Solutions travel to work outside the UK?


What is the height, range and speed of the UAV?

Due to conditions placed on unmanned aerial systems by the CAA we are only permitted to fly up to 400ft (120m) without specific authorisation. Aerios Solutions limit the flying distance of their drones to a 500m for safety reasons.The drones are able to fly at speeds of up to 70 km/hr.

How much does the service cost?

We price each project on an individual basis. Pricing factors include; location, risk, amount of pre-shoot work (such as site visits, flying permissions etc.)

Is the Aerios Solutions equipment available for hire to third parties?

No, all projects are flown by Aerios Solutions pilots.
Each pilot needs to be certified and licensed by the CAA with each aerial system registered to and used by a specific designated pilot.

Are UAV’s better than helicopters & tracking rails?

Aerios Solutions battery powered drones are relatively quiet and can fly closer to the action, giving a far more intimate view point. The multi-rotor drones can get up in the air quickly when action may be sporadic. An aerial platform capable of moving in any direction with full 360 degrees panning capabilities- over water, snow, mud and other ground conditions provides far more options to the client than any other filming platform currently available.
Helicopters are loud and intrusive and are restricted to operate above 500ft. Also, helicopters require a long lead time before a job and are relatively expensive.
Tracking rails are physically limited in their direction and take time to set up. Furthermore, the set up of the rails can also be limited by ground conditions.