Aerios Solutions’ equipment is unique when it comes to versatility, unlike Helicopter filming, tracking and dolly shots which are all limited either physically or by practicality and cost. Aerios Solutions provide the ability of filming where the only limitation is the clients creativity.

UAV’s (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle) or Drones

Our NEO UAV is developed for cinematography where lifting heavy payloads is important. This durable machine performs in the most tough conditions. It’s advanced and unique technologies, particularly the differential GPS, make it the most advanced commercial UAV in the UK.


We also use the DJI Phantom and the DJI Inspire – both highly responsive and intelligent UAV’s, able to capture superb 4K aerial images and seamless tracking shots.

Gimbal Systems

Aerios Solutions have invested in the best quality aerial platform and camera gimbal systems. The remote control gimbal system is capable of producing the smoothest HD customised results on the market. Through the use of first person view (FPV) technology, live footage streaming from the aerial platform to the base station on the ground is possible, enabling our pilots and clients to see exactly what the camera is filming. This allows for any inflight adjustments of the cameras such as; panning, tilt orientations, focusing and zoom, ensuring the perfect shot.

Aerios Solutions’ gimbal setup is capable of fitting most high quality cameras, with universal mounting fitting and an ability to carry up to 11kg load, heavy industrial motion picture cameras can be mounted onto Aerios Solutions’ UAV’s.